1. No announcements will be made to disrupt the venue, just come in, grab a prayer flyer on the shelf at the stairwell, grab a beverage, and get seated and ready to pray
  2. Seat yourself by 7:25am and introduce yourself to your table so we can launch right into prayer promptly at 7:30am
  3. If you see anyone sitting alone that came for prayer and you have 3-4 people at your table/sofa, leave your table/sofa and join them
  4. Prayer must begin promptly at 7:30am, get your coffee or beverage at 7:00-7:15am so that we can start on time
  5. No talking from 7:30am-7:45am
  6. Sharing and prayer at your table and praying together is to be done quietly in a three-foot-voice so as not to disrupt others (if you don’t know what a three-foot-voice is, ask a teacher)
  7. No controversial subjects, announcements, or non-prayer activities
  8. Requests are to be shared quietly at your table or on Instapray (free app available for Android or iPhone users) by joining and posting to our group, search for “Lancaster, PA – West Gate Layman’s Prayer Meeting”
  9. Led only by Christian laymen (no pastor, denomination, or church)
  10. No gossip.  Anything negative about someone else should not be shared with someone else unless the name is anonymous and the prayer request left vague.  Our definition of gossip: Any complaint or anything negative passed to someone not in a position to directly fix the problem.  Take it to the Lord in prayer with humility through anonymity.